I welcome applications for students to come to Edinburgh for PhD supervision with me. In Edinburgh, we have a large and vibrant PhD community (2nd only to Oxford in size), with strength in philosophy of cognitive science. We have a good placement record for our PhD students. Here is information about how to apply and scholarships.

If you are not ready to start a PhD, you should consider our taught MSc in Mind, Language and Embodied Cognition (MLEC). The MLEC is a unique interdisciplinary MSc course based in Edinburgh Philosophy. Around 30 students take the course each year. The programme has a high standing internationally and high levels of student satisfaction. Applicants may hold first degrees in philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, AI, anthropology, and related disciplines.

Currently, I supervise the following PhD students:

Secondary supervisor

Nina Poth
Julian Hauser
Nicola Damassino
Luke Kersten

Past students

2018 Mark Miller The entangled predictive brain: Emotion, prediction and embodied cognition
2018 Daniel Calder Predictive processing and mental representation
2017 José Araya Emotion and predictive processing: Emotions as perceptions
2017 Sarah Lane Ritchie With God in mind: Divine action and the naturalisation of consciousness
2016 Robert O’Shaughnessy A concept is a container
2015 Sam Baird Internalism and the explanatory role of narrow content
2014 Mario Villalobos The biological roots of cognition and the social origins of mind
2014 David Des Roches-Dueck Diamonds and corkscrews: A hybrid account of realization
2013 Richard Stöckle-Schobel Concept learning challenged
2013 Francesca Rossi Explaining cognitive behaviour: A neurocomputational perspective
2012 Spyros Orestis-Palermos Extending cognition in epistemology: Towards an individualistic social epistemology
2012 Peter Fazekas Tagging the world: Descrying consciousness in cognitive processes
2012 John Bray Being responsible: Why the self matters in ascribing responsibility for action (M.Phil.)
2011 Evan Butts Epistemology and mind extension