I welcome applications from MSc students to supervise their research dissertation. Below is a list of MSc students who wrote their dissertation with me along with dissertation titles. Nearly all students went on to PhD or similar study.

Past students

2019 Helen Nicolson The road to cognition
2018 David Harrison Mechanistic philosophy and the use of deep neural networks in neuroscience
2018 Chris Corrall How successful is dynamical information processing as a hybrid theory of cognitive science?
2018 Francis Payyappilly Jose Extended mind hypothesis and historicism
2017 Matthew Crossby The role of sensorimotor contingencies in an embedded predictive processing neural network *
2017 Sreya Pokkali Is language the only representational vehicle suitable for mindreading?
2017 Gary Smith Can a physical agent’s body perform morphological computation with respect to a predictive processing neural system?
2017 Filippo Torresan Presence and transparency in conscious perception
2015 Paulo Barbosa Assembling knowledge: The DNA model approach to knowledge
2015 Jonathan Lee Minds, models and mechanisms
2013 Joe Dewhurst Meaning in the mechanistic mind
2013 Krzysztof Dolega Bayesian representationalism
2013 Sarah Fisher Is language necessary for thinking about thoughts? *
2012 Johannes Mahr Rationality outside the head
2012 David Statham Group cognition and explanatory simplicity *
2012 Ashleigh Watson Extended minds as a case of environmentally scaffolded cognition
2011 Signe Cane Psychiatry in the context of extended emotion
2011 Helena Ruth Hollis Developing the illusion of passing time *
2011 Justin Stanbra Is extended cognition a natural kind?

Starred (*) titles won the prize for best MSc dissertation of the year.